I have been written many emails about my last post. Some agreed with me, others thought I sounded rather presumptuous. They told me they felt as though I were some old grandfather yelling at the younger generation about how much better things had been in the past.


In some ways, I can agree with them. I can admit that I may have come across as longing for the past with no concern for the future. But that is not and was not my intent.


You see, for all the wonder of this generation: The Internet, social media, social-networking, cell-phones, computers more powerful than we ever dreamed possible, getting rovers to Mars… There are still awful and gaping wholes in our society.


Shows like The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Toddlers and Tiaras, Miss America, Miss Universe, the list goes on… Seem bound and determined to SHOWCASE our vapidity, vanity, stupidity, and uncanny focus on one of the least important aspects of life. Human Beauty. As a man, I find those shows degrading, both to men AND women.  


I have no problem with sex, in any of its many forms. (Keep in mind I am speaking of consenting adults.) But to assume and propagate the idea that all women must be beautiful and remain beautiful their entire lives in order to have meaningful relationships with men; about whom it is assumed and has been made a permanent part of our society that that is all we desire in a woman; is complete bullshit.


Speaking now of Toddlers and Tiaras… Who decided that it was a good idea to take CHILDREN and put them in a show about, again, human beauty? Such an attitude about life! That their lives are not worth living if they cannot achieve a toy crown that cost a fraction of the price they have put into gaining it.  I have seen the looks on the stage mothers’ faces when their child wins… and when they lose.


The show does not even keep to the well-to-do upper middle class, but also shows struggling families doing their best to put their daughters through this pantomime just so they can feel better about themselves. If they wanted to truly give their children a better start in life, or even give them a sense of accomplishment, help them get jobs! Help them get through school! Give them better goals in life than just being the prettiest face in the room.


THAT is what I was asking for when I asked you all to give America back its childhood. To stop pressuring these young, impressionable girls and boys that THIS is the way life is supposed to work. Let them be children! Let them read, and play, and have friends without fearing that they are not pretty enough, or worthy enough to be treasured. Show them that they matter just as they are, without pounds of makeup, and hairspray, and “flippers” to hide the fact they have lost a tooth, a NORMAL part of childhood!


My sisters were not allowed to wear makeup until they were sixteen for fear of what it would do to their skin. They were taught to wait, to enjoy their childhood while they have it. To not struggle for what they perceived as “adulthood” and to just BE and enjoy being. When the time came, our mother helped them learn what and how to apply, and how much. They have learned well, and are now some of the most beautiful young women I know. They know how to use their brushes and paints to ENHANCE and not overpower their natural beauty. What one of those toddlers and young teen girls will be able to say that when they have grown? It hurts my heart to see it.



As to what I said about religions and mythologies, I am aware that there are such things now. I have read Harry Potter, played Pokemon, ect. Yes, those archetypes are still present for us all to see if we look. But what about teaching them and ourselves, the history of those things? What happened to knowing where we came from to better show us where we are going?

I am not calling for a return to classical education, or even to re-enter lessons in Rhetoric and other such into the public schools. But this No Child Left Behind act is simply slowing us all down. It forces teachers to give their students the answers, or risk lower scores and penalties. It teaches teens and young adults that they will be spoon fed all the answers for the rest of their lives, because that is the way the world works.

It is things like this that make me wish for a return to what I personally see as a better time. But we have come too far. In some ways, we are better. We can communicate at the press of a button. We can share our thoughts with hundreds of thousands of people through hundreds of ways. We can see someone on the other side of the world through programs like Skype, we can connect with people of like interest through sites like Facebook and DeviantART.

But all that communication means nothing if we don’t know where it’s coming from. If we don’t know what it is reinforcing.


What Is Unsaid

Humanity is indeed a strange race.


You water everything down, try to make it easier to swallow, make it lighter, make it “better.”

Since the dawn of time you seem to desire the wildness, the difference, the “other.” Yet still you shy away from it, tell yourselves it is not natural, is not “civilized.”  You take the ancient mythologies and drain them of all truth. You take all the emotion, all the magick out of it.






 When you think of the Gods and Goddesses, you think of far-off Beings who have no power. Who did things, said things, and no more. You have lost the emotions that went along with the tales. You have lost Hera’s divine jealousy. Zeus’ unending lust for life, and for the flesh. You have lost the esctacy that comes with Bacchus’ wine. You have forgotten the wild, madcap dances of Pan’s Maenads.


And why? Why have you forsaken all you once knew for this dry, distasteful clinical nature? Why have you stripped the feeling from every ancient tale, every magick from what we once knew? Why have you taken the Fairies out of Fairy Tales? It began with the Victorians. Silencing the old tales because they were uncouth, and too wild. Why, they would putthoughts in Children’s heads.


Children today have forgotten fairyland. They have forgotten how to dream. They are enamored of these electronic toys, of imitating adults, of growing too quickly. They are becoming “adult” before they have the maturity to understand it. Fairyland gave them that maturity.


Do you remember having an imaginary friend when you were small? Do you remember knowing that your teddy bear would protect you from the monsters under the bed? Do you remember your heart racing as you read of heroes; REAL heroes;  risking everything for their kingdoms, honor, and their lady-love? 

What do you remember of Camelot? Of the flying banners from the battlements, the cool grey stone silent in the summer heat? Of the sound of trumpets, the beating of the war-drums, the screams of the chargers as they bore their knights into battle? Do you remember the sound of sword on sword, of metal on metal, the battle cries of a thousand men as they fought, and bled, and died on the green, green grass beneath an endless blue sky? 






Do you remember the silent wood? Of endless shadows beneath ancient trees? Of finding that little hidden cave amid the hills and streams covered by a hundred years of fallen leaves? Do you remember meeting the Little Folk who cavort amid the flowers and the mists? Do you remember Avalon? Of the Wise Women who sat before their cauldrons, speaking in riddles to honorable men and women of what was to be, and what may be, and what may never come to pass? Do you remember magick? 






Do you remember wonder, and awe, and desire, and endless yearning to BE that be-armored and be-horsed knight? Or that gracious, gentle Lady? Do you remember WISHING you could be the shield-maiden who fought beside the men? Or the Fae Woman who gave the hero his enchanted armor, and everlasting blade?  Do you remember how to Dream? 






This age has robbed us of that innocent joy, and even of the innocent fear. It is good to fear the darkness, so long as fear does not lead us into hatred. We must love and desire that which is different, that which challenges and demands an answer for our faith. We must decide what is worth fighting for, and fight for it tooth and nail. Do you remember how to do that? Do you remember what it was like to speak from the heart, without fearing the witch-hunt mentality this age has given birth to? 


I do. I remember a hundred nights lying awake by lamplight, eagerly reading the written word. It did not matter that it was another’s fantasy, and the words were only dead ink on a page. To my young mind, those words were the spell that could make those worlds LIVE. 


Give this world back it’s magick.


Give it back its wonder.


Give it back it’s childhood, for childhood is sweet, and noble, and innocent.


Give your children back their Dreams.


Give them back their fantasy.


Do not tell them that a relationship is all they need. That they must be young and beautiful forever to be worth anything. That they must be shocking to be popular, and cruel to be liked. Do not allow them to believe that the world will fall at their feet, and they will always rule their own tiny sphere. Let them know hardship. Let them know the gift of struggle, of work. Let them know of the dangers that lie in the world, and that someday they will be strong enough to face them.


Teach them to stand on their own, so that they may fall or walk on their own when the time comes.


Teach them to live, so that they may seek and find their own magick, their own dreaming, no matter where it leads them.


For then, then, we will have our world as it was meant to be.